Varicose Vein Treatment in Newberry

barefoot young woman in a blue dressCare for vein concerns requires the skill and precision of experienced professionals. At Espinoza Vein Institute, we specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing numerous venous conditions such as varicose veins. Our licensed phlebologist, Dr. Paul Espinoza, provides a wide range of targeted treatments using minimally invasive techniques and innovative technology.

We continue to stay ahead of the latest phlebotomy advancements, offering comprehensive solutions that emphasize your comfort, health, and happiness. As your trusted varicose veins specialists, we do all we can to ensure you receive the care you need for optimal mobility and a healthier life.

Dr. Espinoza and our team enjoy restoring confidence and appeal across Lexington, Columbia, and Chapin. Contact Espinoza Vein Institute to schedule a varicose vein consultation today!


What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged and twisted veins that fill with blood. They commonly develop in the legs and raise just above the skin's surface. They typically appear blue or dark purple and can be painful to the touch. Your veins are one-way valves designed to keep blood flowing to your heart.

When the valves are damaged or weak, your blood will likely back up and pool in your veins, causing your veins to swell. While the condition is common, it can be linked to other health concerns.

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

woman stretching at the beachWhile considered more of a cosmetic concern, enlarged veins can result from underlying health issues. Varicose veins can make your legs ache, itch, and cause other discomforts. Any painful swelling is an indicator of other general health concerns and should be examined by a vein specialist.

Varicose veins are more common in older individuals and women. Other risk factors include genetics, obesity, pregnancy, and if you sit or stand for prolonged periods.

How Do I Seek Varicose Vein Treatment?

The first step to treating enlarged veins is to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Espinoza. He uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain detailed information about the affected area. Our specialist will examine your legs and any other body parts where varicose veins appear.

We review your medical health history to gain a complete understanding of your situation. If your condition is due to a current issue, such as pain or swelling, we make it our top priority to design a treatment plan dedicated to restoring your health.

Minimally Invasive Varicose Veins Treatments

Dr. Espinoza performs all treatments for varicose veins at our offices. He does this to ensure your care is as precise, efficient, and convenient as possible. We recommend procedures based on the information we gather from your exam, consultation, and your condition. Our phlebotomist provides the following for treating varicose veins:

Endovenous Laser Ablation

At Espinoza Vein Institute, we provide Endovenous laser ablation, also known as Endovenous laser treatment or EVLT. The procedure is minimally invasive and can treat chronic varicose veins. Dr. Espinoza uses safe and virtually painless heat application to close abnormal veins. The heat energy is made possible with laser technology.

Our specialist places the laser on the affected veins to reduce blood pooling. Once he activates the laser, it generates enough heat to shut down twisted veins and seal them. You will not need to worry about any risks from losing abnormal veins. Your body redirects your blood through healthy veins, helping prevent future issues.

Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation, also called RFA, is like EVLT and also use heat to correct abnormal veins. Instead of using lasers, Dr. Espinoza uses heat from radiofrequency energy produced by a catheter inserted into your varicose veins. The tool generates heat to shrink and close the vein.

Why Seeking Treatment from a Newberry Vein Specialist Matters

man and woman walking by the beach, close up on feetDr. Paul Espinoza specializes in treating varicose veins and has been doing so since 2000. As a licensed phlebotomist, he can treat various venous issues ranging from cosmetic concerns to severe diseases. While enlarged veins are often harmless, they could lead to complications that jeopardize your overall health when associated with diabetes, blood clots, or ulcers.

We use a compassionate and respectful approach and take time to discuss how implementing changes can lower your risks and improve your health. You will never need to worry about Dr. Espinoza providing you with unnecessary treatment. As your trusted specialist, he offers an essential solution honestly, treating you as he would any family member.

Expert Varicose Vein Treatment in Newberry

Dr. Paul Espinoza and our team care about your health, comfort, and safety. That is why we work hard to provide you with the best treatment possible. Varicose veins are one of the most common concerns our specialist addresses. We welcome individuals throughout Lexington, Columbia, and Chapin looking for expert treatment. Contact Espinoza Vein Institute to get started today!