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Varicose veins, running in bulging twists underneath the skin are not only visually displeasing but also interrupt proper blood flow and can cause pain of movement and stiffness of the affected area.

Espinoza Vein Institute is happy to provide a non-surgical, efficient and safe treatment for these protruding and obstructive veins with Varithena®, an endovenous, minimally invasive medical procedure.

If varicose veins actively hinder your ability to conduct physical activity and have dealt a blow to your confidence, contact us at our office to discover how Varithena® can help to get you back on your feet and moving again.

What is Varithena® and How Does it Work?

Varithena® is a foam administered through a small tube called a catheter which directs a small amount of the solution to the affected vein, collapsing it and rerouting blood flow to healthier ones.

The process should take about an hour to be completed.  After the procedure, your body will naturally begin to absorb the excess solution left in the body.

What Makes Varithena® So Special?

Varithena® is non-surgical, this means that no incisions are required for it to be properly delivered to the body.  This keeps patient discomfort to a minimum and eliminates the lengthy amount of time often needed to recover from surgery.

Though the site of injection will be numbed before the injection is made, the treatment is painless enough to require no additional anesthetics, with the intention of making the experience as comfortable as possible.

Varithena® is designed to limit downtime as much as possible; after the treatment has been completed, most patients will be able to return home to resume their daily activities.

Is Varithena® Safe?

Varithena® has been approved by the F.D.A for the treatment of varicose veins and the clots that cause them, but in order to ensure the individual safety of our patients, one of our professionals will sit down with you to discuss your medical history prior to the treatment itself.  This is done in order to limit the chance of complications occurring during the procedure.

Heavy exercise should be avoided for the week following the procedure to avoid straining the treated area.

Varithena® for Venous Ulcers


 Am I Qualified?

Healthy adults in need of a non-surgical solution to varicose veins will most likely be applicable for the Varithena® treatment, but a consultation with one our practitioners is necessary to verify potential candidacy.

If interested, contact our office and schedule an appointment today to discover the benefits firsthand.  We look forward to your call! to your call!