Venaseal treatment

Protruding varicose veins running a twisted course down the legs are not only displeasing aesthetically, but can also result in painful movement and aching legs for men and women suffering from the condition.

Espinoza Vein Institute is proud to offer a comfortable and minimally invasive treatment for this pain with the Venaseal™ vein closure system.  If varicose veins have been an inconvenience to your day to day activities and this solution has piqued your interest, contact us at our office to find out more.

What is VenasealTM and How Does it Work?

A liquid adhesive, Venaseal™ is administered through a thin tube called a catheter, which is inserted into the skin to reach the swollen vein. Once the tube has been properly placed and aligned, a small amount of Venaseal™ will then be dispersed to seal the affected vein and redirect the flow of blood to healthier veins.

What Makes the VenasealTM System Special?

Venaseal™ is a non-thermal treatment and avoids the usage of heat to treat the affected vein.  As a result of not using heat, the Venaseal™ treatment avoids the chance of incurring thermally induced nerve damage.

The Venaseal™ treatment is also comfortable enough to not require the use of injectable anesthetics that can require multiple sticks of a syringe to be properly administered.   The treatment can be ideal for those who are made squeamish by needles.

Patients should be able to resume their daily activities after the procedure has ended, with no downtime necessary in most situations.  The treatment has been designed with safety as well as convenience in mind.

Is VenasealTM Safe?

Venaseal™ has been approved by the F.D.A for the permanent treatment of varicose veins and the blood clots that cause them. In order to ensure the welfare of the patient to an even greater degree, our practice will also evaluate the safety of the treatment on an individual basis.

Prior to undergoing the procedure, a consultation will be scheduled in which you will be sat down with one of our professionals to discuss your medical history.  This is done with the intention of discovering conditions that could complicate the process and result in unnecessary discomfort.

Am I a Candidate?

A consultation appointment is necessary to verify candidacy for the treatment, but most healthy men and women in need of treatment will be applicable.

If interested, contact our office and schedule an appointment today to discover the benefits of the Venaseal™ system firsthand.  We look forward to your call!